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Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 8:50 PM By: LadyRoach92

It's been a while since I've written a blog on here, so here I go. I've been feeling kinda down in the dumps lately. I don't know why. Just everything seems to be piling up higher and higher. I sent Jacoby a long ass message this morning, telling him of a few of my stresses. He replied and made me feel quite a bit better, cause he's been through the same thing type a thing. I told him alot of my past stuff and how much Papa Roach has gotten me through some tough times. He was really cool about me pooring my heart out. What I really need right now is a new friend who isn't too busy or too far away and knows how to keep shit to themselves. Like I just need someone to hold me while I completely break down. I don't know anyone right off who can do that for me right now. My effing mother suggested going to my little brother's psych doctor guy and talking to him and getting stuff off my chest. I let her read what I wrote to Jacoby, and that was her response to my letter to him. Not gonna let anyone else read that. O.o Anyway. Hope I didn't bore you to tears. Feel free to comment, but not ask questions. XD Thanks.


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    On Sep 02, LadyRoach92 said:

    Lol. It's not that my life sucks. I actually have a pretty awesome life in my opinion. I've just been down lately, cause my best friend moved to Houston, and I don't get to see her much, and my boyfriend works all the time. They are pretty much all I have aside from my family, and I've just been feeling alone, I guess. Like I said before, Jacoby made me feel quite a bit better about myself. I guess I just need Monday to come. I get to see my best friend then when we meet up for the A7X show in Houston, and my boyfriend is going now yeah. XD

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    On Sep 01, MY VALENTINE said:

    oh im sorry i hope everything gets better for you i used to be like that feel like every day was just another day in hell and my life wasnt getting any better then i finally meet some true friends not those assholes who say they are your friends and they help me out but enough about me i hope your life gets better

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