1. tears dont fall avatar

    On Jan 25, tears dont fall said:

    do what u have to do

  2. SaD/eMo/EvIl 27643 avatar

    On Jan 13, SaD/eMo/EvIl 27643 said:

    my mother is the same dam way she give me stuff to take it away again so im numm to it lol

  3. IgNoRaNcE avatar

    On Mar 29, IgNoRaNcE said:

    i would die if my mom burned my boards

  4. xoElleox avatar

    On Mar 27, xoElleox said:

    dude wait till ur 18 she cant do shit

  5. enslaver127 avatar

    On Mar 01, enslaver127 said:

    if my mom burned my board i would go berserk and mass murder everyone in a hundrend mile radias...jk..but i would be very mad

  6. Reverse My Curse avatar

    On Jan 29, Reverse My Curse said:

    Who cares what your mom says...Your who you want to be and that is a awsome-cookie thing...You do what you love so go Sk8 until there are no boards, which will never happen...well it's me Del ^,.,^

  7. shortyx3 avatar

    On Jan 26, shortyx3 said:

    wow thts fcked uhp. i hate my mom too. parents are the worst. just do wht makes yhu happy no matter wht she says. its worked for me.

  8. Papa_Colin avatar

    On Jan 13, Papa_Colin said:

    I say do it if my mom did that id bee out of there pretty fucking fast so go for it dude

  9. Jacobys Toy avatar

    On Jan 13, Jacobys Toy said:

    that so sux!im behind on my sons that love skating.go 4 what u love....

  10. PapaRoachBabe1494 avatar

    On Jan 13, PapaRoachBabe1494 said:

    Just stick with what you love no matter what! Follow your dreams.

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