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my life-
lemme tell u my life
it seems as tho the universe hates me
as tho it laughs at my pain
mayb it is, itz mocking laughs

it seems my loves never stay
they seem to always go away
i fall in love and then it seems
life takes them away

no father?
thought i was adopted at first
a step dad now
yet it seems i may soon not hav a mother

i shouldn't
mayb i shall die as well

yes, i say the universe hates me
for i kno nothing other wise

to hav my heart broken?
i do not think so
for my heart is already broken beyond repair

to hav friends lost
may it be a crime?
one leaves, one dies, commit suicide, i move
who knows

as u see i smile every day
never may i frown
if i do? hell may brake loose

to cry as i look at my ceiling
cry as i look at u
cry as i hold their hands
cry as i sit alone

so the universe must hate me
for there is nothing else
no way, no other reason

i hav everything?
ha i laugh at the words
iim not saying my life is worse
since iim not u
this is my life....

there are juss to many timez
wen people wish to let me go
to set me free
but cannot even begin
they havent contained me
but they tried
they want to hold me bakk pin me down
so i cant escape
they wont let me be who i am
because they dont kno who i am
they dont get that they cant chnge me
but they try
no one knoz er can understand
wat it is that makez me different
wat makez me, me
today i be crazii
tomorrow crazier
the next day may b worse
i could even go on later
i could show u y
i could tell u too
but i wont
ull figure it out
iim nuffing lik u hehe^-^

hehe hey wazzupperz?? my name be andrea but u can callz me drea do or die hehe^-^jk umm.. i love to talk nd iim super crazii my friendz say i hav a bi cover up.. for being straight XD iim usually happy so if ur down and glumy i can cheer ya hehe^-^ well i be 15 turnin 16 soon birthday be may 13 woooohooo i am mixed wiff five diff thingz i be dino ninja >:D lolz i wish so if u wanna kno more ask don be scared i don bite.. mayb ^-^
i lik to be fun
iim energetic hehe^-^
i can be perverted O.O
and sumtimez flirty...
my fav color is neon green
i hang out wiff crazy people hehe
i lik toast
and cupcakes
nd cake
and muffinz
but i cant forget the canadian bacon hehe^-^
well if u wanna kno more ask
+ 88________________________________

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