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hey sup im Katarina my homies call me kitty or phyco kitty but mostly they call Kati.. not katie!!!! im Mexican... im curently living in new mexico, and am part of the reson my skool has bad reputation.... MARY JANE IS MY BESTFRIEND. i smoke weed alot... most ppl say im a down person but can be a bitch....... im the stoner every one is scared to upset me cuz they think im a hard core gangester. i can listen to any kind of music, but im a metal head=] my fav. sings are Getting away with murder, Last Resort, Scars, Hollywood Whore, To be Loved, kick in the teeth, i almost told you that i loved you, between angels and insects, and no matter what....... im also a Christian and belive God is everything..............i have a friend in each catgorie emo goth gay smart mexican black white stoner (of course) gangster asian metal head jock and unfortunatly i made friends with a prep. i love to meet new people so hit me up!!! my number is 505-692-0271 =] text me or find me on facebook or myspace
more about me....=]
*Im 5'2
* My favorat colors are purple and black (if you know what that means)
* Fav. band PAPA ROACH
* Music.... all types, not borning jazz or shit like that and not modern hip hop
*I love to make new friends that i can more connect with and that are diff. than the one that i have and am labled with... most people say im gangster cuz of the people i hang out with...

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