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About Angel1990

Hey What s up?
Just talk to me I´m looking for nice people who love PRoach like I do. I´m interested in most kinds of music but I´m living for alternativ, rock and metal. (PAPA ROACH, Linkin Park, Three Day Grace, 3 Doors Down, Lostprophets, Nickleback, 30 Seconds to mars, Die Ärzte, Die Prinzen XD, The all american rejects, Bryan Adams, Mortley Crue, Fall Out Boy, Sum 41 ... etc.) I like reading books like Twighlight/The Host (I guess that is the english name) , Inkheart and Harry Potter, and Peter Pan XD. I love playing sims2 and final fantasy. I´m watching shows like Grey´s Anatomie, Supernatural, Pushing Daisies, Dr. House, ER, Criss Angel, Scarred, Still standing ... and so on. My favorite movies are Pirates of the caribbean, Last Unicorn, Lion King, Saw, Forrest Gump, X-Men, well... I actually like a lot of films.
So if you like to chat... I´m here.

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