My Amazing "Brother"

Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 2:04 PM By: LeighVengeance

It's amazing how safe you can feel when one of you "brothers" decides you need a hug, so he just walks up to you and holds you in his arms, with your head against his shoulder, and stand there until you feel like you want to cry. My friend Alex, who I've known since we were in kindergarden, noticed that I haven't really been having the greatest week, and this will have been the 3rd time he's done this for me. He can go from annoying brother, to protective guardian angel. I'm amazingly lucky to have a friend like Alex.

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    On Apr 21, LeighVengeance said:

    lol, Alex has his moments...

  2. On Apr 21, "No*Matter*What" said:

    Amen sister!

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