how to learn english ;D (tenses) xd

Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 10:44 AM By: Elvira

that was like this..:
my friend and I was thinking about how it will be if Coby (Dakota Shaddix of course ;P) will be our English teacher.. and guess how would be looks like the first lesson.. of course revision of tenses.. so.. :
examples for tenses (ACTIVE):

Present Simple:
I fuck everyday with my wife.

Present Continuous:
I'm fucking now.

Past Simple:
I fucked yesterday.

Past Continuous:
While I was fucking my fucking friend called to me.

Future Simple:
At 6pm tomorrow I'll be fucking with my wife.

Future Continuous:
I will be fucking in my car tomorrow at 6.

Present Perfect Simple:
Have you ever fucked with somebody apart your wife?

Present Perfect Continuous:
I have been fucking my friend.

Past Perfect Simple:
I had fucked before I played concert.

Past Perfect Continuous:
Someone had been fucking in my office before I arrived.

Future Perfect Simple:
I'll have fucked my wife by tomorrow evening.

Future Perfect Continuous:
By the year 2011 I’ll have been fucking for 17 years.

and who tell me that English lesson with that guy could be boring? :D

That was in long, dark, and quite boring evening.. and that things are happend when we ( Diane and I ) are bored.. :D
I mean idea.. not that we fuck everyday.. xd

  1. Intothelight avatar

    On Apr 12, Intothelight said:

    To ca?a prawda o Shaddixie:P
    Macie ?wietne pomys?y:)

  2. Valeria rock 4ever avatar

    On Sep 15, Valeria rock 4ever said:

    Ahahha this is fuckin good

  3. Diaana avatar

    On Sep 15, Diaana said:

    ahahahah. kocham ten tekst! :D:D:D
    bede go rozglaszac, promowac i poslugiwac sie nim codziennie! xd :D:D:D

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