1. Monika Wysocka avatar

    On Jan 19, Monika Wysocka said:

    fajne foty :)

  2. RoachKitty avatar

    On Jan 14, RoachKitty said:

    Yeah I thought something like this too. When I saw that we aren't friends here I was like "what!? we didn't add each other yet?" XD

  3. RoachKitty avatar

    On Jan 09, RoachKitty said:

    I thought I could add you here too XD

  4. rebelghent avatar

    On Jan 05, rebelghent said:

    Ouh that pretty sucks. Uhm, I'm learning for my exams in school not pretty awesome too :D

  5. rebelghent avatar

    On Jan 04, rebelghent said:

    How are you? :)

  6. rebelghent avatar

    On Nov 09, rebelghent said:


  7. rebelghent avatar

    On Oct 14, rebelghent said:

    Same opinion here

  8. rebelghent avatar

    On Oct 09, rebelghent said:

    I listened to all CD's, including their "Potatoes for Christmas", and I have to say The Connection is their best one, I love the lyrics, the good beats and yeah enough said . :b

  9. rebelghent avatar

    On Oct 08, rebelghent said:

    Hey Hey, no problem :) - Just enjoyin "The Connection", what about you?

  10. Ewelina avatar

    On Sep 19, Ewelina said:

    A poza Papa Roach, na czym jeszcze by?a??

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