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Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 11:47 PM By: moonlight morning

So i had a Gf we started dating we went out for a few months then we broke up we were both ok with it and that was cool after a month or so we started dating again only this time we were happy together and truly in love with one another we went out for a year and a half and we have known each other for years we were going great i knew i would always be with her and she felt the same and she asked me to marry her i said hells yes and we were both really fuckn happy it was amazing, after a few more months she had to move away but we held things together for awhile but after months of her telling me about her new guy friends i started to feel less and less loved after awhile she started to cry on the phone to me about shit that happend with a guy, then another guy. so as you can guess i was feeling pretty shit the only girl i ever loved the one who asked me to marry her started to cry about other dudes then she broke up with me and started going out with this other dude, she had never lied to me untill this point and when i found out she had lied to me and gotten a bf i feel apart she always said i was her "everything, one and only,one true love" and all after awhile she told her bf " your my new everything" i had no idea what to do as i couldnt go and see her and she clearly didnt seem to love me anymore however even now she tells me she loves me and he means less then me, she tells me she will always love me, her and her bf have been d8ing for a about 6 months now and i feel truly replaced i carnt belive anything she says and i told her if she loves me to prove it, she dosnt call me anymore. FML

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    On Dec 28, Apple said:

    shit happens.... :(

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    On Dec 28, moonlight morning said:

    Yep lifes a bitch

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    On Dec 28, xXxGIRLYxXx said:

    sorry bout that:(

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