My view on love.

Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 11:30 PM By: moonlight morning

People spend alot of time looking for love then when they find it there happyer then ever but sadly love can never last forever from my point of view people fall in love say that this is the one and they will never leave there lover not for the world, but then after enough time somthing happens to pull a couple now after a couple break up and they thought it was true love there both always uppset for a length of time so most ppl in this time will ever sleep around alot to try forget about the lose of there true love and maybe after a few months or even a few years they will go out and start searching for true love again then they will find another person and then this will all probly happen again and if it dosnt happen again then it means that some one has lost there life and if they are both old the partner will probly stay single and then die, if they are young it will all just start again.

i true wish to be wronge but i dont think i am

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    On Jan 26, moonlight morning said:

    Im pretty sure i understand true love, I was best friends with a girl for a year we started d8ing, we went out for a year and 4 months then she moved we kept d8ing for another 2 months then we broke up in Nov 2008, and we both tell one another we love each other to this day but we carnt keep a relationship going with such a far distance which sucks but what ever.

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