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About moonlight morning

Hey well im Joel (moonlight morning) im 17 from Nz
My fav things in life are music (Papa Roach is my fav band),Boxing ,Parkour / freerunning, My pets (2 cats, 1 dog) ,my family and friends.

Fav Papa Roach songs are: Forever, Scars, Snakes and I almost told you that i love you. (Tho's are my fav at the moment they kind of change around every now and then)

other bands i like:

Blindspott: they broke up Noooo but got to see them play on a 1 time get together thing it was awesome! There were a great kiwi band look up some of there stuff trust me.

Rage Against the Machine: got to see them play live in Nz they are amazing live but i have to say i think blindspott was a bit better live.

P.O.D: They came to Nz and played live i was in town after the concert and bumped into them on the street have to say there very cool guys to hang with.

Korn: there a kick ass band love the video clip for evolution!

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