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About MissRiot!

I spend way to much time in my PJs..

When I'm drunk or excited about something my voice goes all high pitched like Minnie Mouse.. I can't control it! Annoying? Probably.. But I don't care.. If you don't like it don't hang out with me when I'm drunk or excited! lol.

I can be very ditzy at times & it doesn't take very much to confuse me so I apologize in advance.

Blah blah blah, could go on forever explaining what I like and dislike in this box but the chances are you already know me so that was probably a waste of time =]

So far Ive seen papa roach 3 times =
April 18th 2009 - Birmingham
Download 2009
14th October 2009 = Sheffield - met the band then also =]]
7th December 2010 - Birmingham (taste of chaos)

My Fave P Roach Songs are :-
To Be Loved,
Time and Time Again,
Between Angels And Insects,
I Almost Told You That I Loved You,

Other bands i Like are Three days Grace, Trapt, Breaking Benjamin and Coheed and Cambria ( met them on 19th November 2010)

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