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hello. i am a lawn knome, fighting for survival against the werewolves of the carribean rainforest. the only weapon that i have is a GIANT CANDY CANE. Yeah, after you read That youve probably alrrady thought "wow, this dude is WEIRD." & clicked on a different profile. i cant help it, im just totally random sometimes. I play guitar, sing, & like a lotta music. Especially Metal/Punk & Screamo/Rock kinda stuff. Totally awesome, dude. I'm pretty damn good at playin guitar, for someone whos kinda taught herself almost the entire way. Ppl will label me as emo or goth. I hate labels!! ppl that label can just fuck off & go to hell. Im really outgoing. i like 2 go outside-at night. I sk8board, bike, sk8, a lotta stuff. im gonna hopefully try snowboarding somtime this winter. but watevr. i think jacoby is totally fucking hott. lol. i like a lot of other bands B-sidez papa roach, but they still my fave band!

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