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Heyy guys :D
I started loving Papa Roach as I first heard them. They are one of those people who show me how beautiful life is.
They inspire me a lot. Thanks for everything.
hmm... about me...
I'm just a pretty crazy and sometimes strange person from germany loving music and want to see as much as possible from the world. I like to get to know other people and expend my horizon ;). musically I love almost everything that is made 'good' and with an intention.
other things about me:
~ no matter where i am or who is around me, i often start to sing although it sounds horrible :D
~ sometimes i think that i had better shut up...
~ I love good food, stars, chucks and buttons
~ I'm a very social person
~ my guitar is married
~ nearly everything I have, has got a name =)
~ just ask me anything you want to know...

so guys keep on rockin' and never forget that it's never too late to live your life :D

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