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:)Ohhkayy, So Bazically, Mah Name Ish Bri...But Ih Go By Many Thingz, So DON'T Call Me Bri, Ih Will Hunt U Down...Haha. Lol, But Ih Am Seriouz...AnyWayz, Mah Bestiez Luv Tew Give Meh Random Nicknamez And They're Uzually Pretty Cool And Stick Wiff Meh... Ih Go By Kolbi (Ih Dont Kno WHERE Korri Got It 4rm, And Accordinn Tew Mah Bestie & Ex-Gf, She Ish A DORK!!!!), Kylie (A Nickname Given Tew Meh By Mah Ex, Talon), And Hunter (My Mom'z Maiden Name). Ih Luv Hanginn Out Wiff Friendz...I Luv Goinn 2 Tha Mall (Ezpecially Hot Topic, Spencer'z & Romancinn The Stone). Ih'm A Sk8r, So Yeah, Of Course Ih Luv Sk8inn Everywhere...Ih'm NOT A PREP!!! Ih Uzed 2 Be A Cheerleader In Elementary Skewl, Then Ih Played Bazketball Throughouttt 7th & 8th grade...But Now Ih'm In Drama, After Being In A Play & Realizing That Ih LOVE Acting...Ih'm Not Xactly Emo, Goth Or Any Of It, Even Though Mah Style Leadz Ppl Tew Think Ih Am, & Ih Guess Ih Kindah Am, If U Wanna Categorize Meh...DO NOT STEREOTYPE ME IF U DON'T KNOW ME PERSONALLY!!!!! Ih'm EXTREMELY CrAzY, & RaNdOm, hahaha...Don't Worreh Bout @wkw@rd Momentz Wiff Meh, Mah Life Iz Compozed Of Nothin But @wkw@rd Momentz!!!!


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