Ridgefield, WA 8/28/09

Sat, Aug 29, 2009 at 5:46 PM By: Bulldog

My first time seeing Papa Roach in concert and it was bloody awesome! Those that missed taking their seats provided the opportunity for him to jump off the stage and keep singing from the middle of the 102 section! The wife didn't think she'd like them but she had a BLAST! They had so much energy and crowd interaction they should've switched places with Hinder.... Am looking forward to the next time I can catch them, and hopefully teh Roach will be headlining!!!!! Thanks Papa Roach! You guys kicked ass!!!!

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    On Aug 30, Bulldog said:

    Yeah, I wish I could go to Vegas next month where it's just Roach & Nickelback. THAT would be amazing.

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    On Aug 30, proachfreak17 said:

    That concert was amazingg!!!
    I totally agree that they should have switched places with Hinder.

    I'm a huge P-Roach fan and when I found out they weren't co headlining I was mad..
    But they said they were coming back.
    Their in Medford, Oregon today Co-headlining with Hinder.
    I want to go so bad.

    Best show ever.
    2nd time seeing everyone but Hinder.

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    On Aug 29, marc89 said:

    That's cool that you had a good time at the show.

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    On Aug 29, Jacoby_Rocks77 said:

    Hi Bulldog! Glad you were able to see PR. They are definitely the surprise of the evening! I had never seen them before either, but got the chance to see them with Nickelback 4 times and I loved them more and more every time. I'm definitely hooked! They really do kick ass!!!

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