Graduation =D

Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 2:20 AM By: anci

So I graduated two days ago and I thought I'd tell you what I did that day =P The graduation cermony took place 14.00 but we were in school at 8.30 to spend some time with our classes.

First we had something called champagnebreakfast, it' sort of a tradition to start the day with champagne, but I didn't have any. I don't really like it and I thought it was bit early for that ;) Me and some friends shared two bottles of strawberrywine and had muffins instead =P

Then we had to take some pictures of the class. I'm pretty sure it'll be the most strict pic we've ever taken since everyone look somewhat the same. All guys wear black suits and all girls wear white dresses ;) And as if that weren't enough we all wear the same white and black graduationhats =P AND it looks like I'm the shortest in my class xD Usually I'm one of the tallest girls but since everyone wore high heels, really high heels and I didn't, I'm the shortest =P I'm not sure what I'll look like on that pic really since it wa windy and everytime they took a pic the wind blew my hair in my face xD I hope one of them was good though ^^ And we also took individual pics of everyone...

Then we had some free time before lunch, so we wrote messages in each others hats, that's also sort of a tradition ;) The problem was that we only had like 3 pens for the whole class xD But I think all my closest friends wrote in mine so I'm happy ;)

Then we were off for lunch. That was pretty funny cuz the teachers did small performances and I found out that my favourite teacher plays bass O.o That was so cool ;) And I got the best pic ever of it too =P Then they had some scholarships to give to people. There were some special ones from organisations and the university, most of them were about the environment and chemistry. Then there were also one for each subject and I actually got one of those, in physics. I was very surprised actually =P

Aftr the lunch we had some time i our home classroom where we got our grades and said goodbye to two of our teachers before we were off to the cermony ;)

All classes went out into the schoolyard, where all parents and relatives stood waiting, one at a time. We were in the middle, and when we ran out we had to go up onto a small stage to stand there for a minute or so before the next class came. Then when all were out we sang a special graduation song. We were supposed to release our ballons when we had finished the song but everyone did that after the first verse xD FAIL =P Then the cermony was over (yeah I know it's very short xD) and we were supposed to be congratulated by our family, the problem was that it was so crowded you couldn't find them xD I had to go back into school to get my cellphone to call them and ask where they were standing =P

Then we were off to a trailer that would take us around town ;) That's another tradition =P We were driven around town screaming and dancing on the trailer for an hour or so. It was great fun really =P Everyone was cheering and waving to people on tha streets and drinking some champagne and just had fun =D It was actually one of the best things I've done so far =P

Then our parents picked us up at the school and drove us home for the dinnerparty where friends and family congratulates us ;) I stayed at mine for about 3 hours then my friend cae over and we went down to the lake for a swim ;) It was cold as hell but nice any way =P

After that we went into town to meet up with some other friends and then went to a nightclub to party a little ;) It was great, though there were some creepy guys there but I guess that's just how it is =P

All in all it was an awesome day, one of the best so far =D It was warm and sunny all day (unlike last year when it was freezing cold) and I have to say I'd like to graduate again xD
The trailer was definitely the best part you should try that some time =P
I'm done now =) This is by far the longest blof I've ever written xD And if you read all of it I'll give you a golden star ;)

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    On Jun 06, anci said:

    _ _ /....\_ _
    .../... / \.. \
    ../../.... ..\..\

    I hope this one worked ;)

  2. anci avatar

    On Jun 06, anci said:

    Okey that didnt work >.<
    It looked like a star when I did it though ;)
    I guess it's a broken star...or something xD

  3. anci avatar

    On Jun 06, anci said:

    / \
    _ _ / \_ _
    \ /
    \ /
    / / \ \
    / / \ \

    There's your star =D (I know it's not that beautiful xD)

  4. Valeria rock 4ever avatar

    On Jun 06, Valeria rock 4ever said:

    Yay i want a golden star,it was interesting to read (: And i like it ,i would love to graduate to (: I have to wait for that lol

  5. themudsharkinterview avatar

    On Jun 06, themudsharkinterview said:

    That sounds really fun. I'll wear my star with pride.

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