University = awesome !!!

Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 12:12 AM By: anci

So I haven't been on here for a couple of days and that's cuz I've just started university so there's loads of things going on right now ;)
I'm gonna study to become a "master of science" (I know that sounds awesome xD) and for the first 2 weeks we don't have normal lessons it's a "get to know your class"time when there's lots of aactivities, partys and stuff like that.
It's only been 2 days since I started but I love it already ;) So far we've had some "startuplessons" in math which haven't been that fun really but yeah xD And we've also done lots of games and on monday there was thiws big party too ;)
We have older students to guide us and also these special guys that are all dressed up. I won't tell you the whole story bout that unless you really want to know but I can tell you what they look like;)
They all wear these big darkblue capes and sunglasses (you can't look into their eyes or you'll get killed or something xD) And then they all wear like tights and shorts/skirts in neon colors (think superheroes) and they've also got their hair fixed in different kinds of spikes and all in neon colors ;) If I find a good pic I'll post the link you gotta see it xD
They all talk in a certain way and they're there to teach us how to have fun, so they always want to play games and can come right in themiddle of the class telling everyone to stand up and start singing xD
Since there's loads going on all the time for two weeks I probably won't be on here as much as usual so I though I should tell you so you don't think I'm ditching you all or something ;)
Cya =D

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    On Aug 27, mattyz said:

    good luck! have fun :)

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