Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 11:13 AM By: anci

So today we've had elections here in Sweden and I've voted for the first time ;) It was not as exciting as I thought it should be, quite boring actually, but it feels good to be able to say how I want my country to be ruled !
The polling places closes now so soon we will know how the country will be ruled for the next 4 years. It's an exciting election actually because we have 2 major sides, one is more to the left (3 parties) and one more to the right (4 parties). Both sides got less than 50 % in the last opinion polls and since you need at least 50% it will be very exciting until all votes are counted (which may take until wednesday).
This election is also very important since we have another party that most likely will get into the parliament that doesn't belong to any side and if they get in and no side gets more than 50% there will be a complete mess...This party is also considered to be a bit racist (they want to stop the immigration) so it sure would be a bad thing if they get more than 4 %, since none of the other parties want to cooperate with them, but we'll see ;)
I'll get back later or tomorrow when I know more ^^

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