Avenged Sevenfold

Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 11:17 AM By: anci

I know this is kinda late since it was like a week ago, but I still thought I should say something about their show in sweden last saturday ;)

I went to the show with my brother and when we got there like half an hour before they opened the doors there was this real long queue already....there were hundreds of people there and it was just so cold xD Thank god I had my jacketotherwise I would have turned to ice xD

Then we had to stand in this even longer (or maybe I should say wider) queue inside to put away our jackets, I mean you can't be in the crowd with your jacket on xD That took ages so the band that played before had already started playin when we finally had put everything away...
They were a swedish band I think...I liked some songs but most of them sounded the same so they weren't that good really...but everyone was really excited anyway haha

Then they finnaly started playing ;) First song was nightmare and everyone went totally crazy xD The main problem for me was that there were mostly these really tall, big guys that just stood in the way and tried to get past us =/ I mean I'm quite tall for a girl but I couldn't see a thing and when everyone went crazy too we decided to move to the left side instead where people were a little calmer ;)

The show was very good, much better than I thought it would be, they can do the songs even better live =D
The special thing this show was that they couldn't have the pic of the rev they usually have when they play so far away, because the ceiling was too low, so instead they talked a little about it. That was just amazing...

The whole show was amazing, even though I didn't know every song but it didn't matter that much I enjoyed it anyway ;) We sort of missed the last song because we figured if we wanted to get our jackets before morning we would have to leave, but since it was in the same room as the show it wasn't that bad ;)

Let's just say last week was the best ever ;) Two awesome shows in 3 days =D

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    On May 01, GotAwayWithMurder said:

    Heldiggris, hørtest dritkult ut! Jeg har kjempelyst å se dem når de kommer til Norge i sommer :3

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