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    On Dec 28, FiendishFlesh said:

    By the way: I wish you happy holidays and a happy new year. :)

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    On Dec 28, FiendishFlesh said:

    Servus and perdono my valkyrie.^^ I think I broke your record because it is two months since I was able to answer. It happened so much in the last time that is hard for me to compensate. First of all my new job left me no time to do anything. One of my colleagues went on Holiday and decided so it was up to me to operate the compactor down in the basement due to my other colleages don`t know how to use it. That means I had to make overtime. Unfortunatly at that time I get know to a new girl in our company that I just call Honeybunny. She got something that pulling me to her. Maybe her bright blue eyes or her soft character. But I need that girl for me. So to make contact and known to her; I eved made more overtime to met her. Was partly successfull, partly not, because Honeybunny already has a boyfriend. Oh I am sure you can imagine how disappointed I was. But instead of being truly disappointed - as usual - I was and I am still being much more angry. I thought about it and recognized that my evil ex took my moral with her when she left me suddenly and unexpected. So it was easy to decide to take that girl into my arms. But you know, I am not experienced in being a false dirtbag.^^ So I am asking around, if you got any Ideas. Every advice is very welcome.

    I am wondering how Christmas looks like in Sweden. Here we had a cold break in early december and it was comfortable cold with around 1° to -2° Celsius with lots of snow. Than some fucking high came and now we have 8° Celsius. Every atmosphere fell off and got destroyed. :( If I want a warm winter, then I move to Africa or Australia, but I surely do not expect such a mild christmas here in Bavaria. X( It is quite easy to sleep half naked with an open window, because I sleep inside the blanket. The sleep is even more deep and comfortable the colder it is, because inside your blanket it is warm, but the cold air effects more in your sleep than warm air. If it is warm your sleep is short and by far not so recreative. The most cold temperatures I ever experienced were -18° Celsius and and of course, my window was open. And on the countryside you don`t have any cars that make noises. Just cats and weasels fighting but that happens not so often and is fast over. The noises of the nearby highway are completely blocked by the woods around. So it is pretty quiet where I live.
    In Italy it is warmer and the seasons are not so clear over there. In general down there it is 5° to 6° warmer than in Germany. They are more close to the Äquator and the alps blocks most of the heat waves. In summer they have sometimes around 37° to 40° Celsius and in winter just around 5° to 10° Celsius. Snow is pretty rare and just be found in northern Italy. In autumn I saw some Italian tourists in Munich and they were clothed like on a trip to the north pole with warm 11°. And they still complained that is cold what I understood with my little Italian. :D

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    On Oct 01, FiendishFlesh said:

    Heisan. Sounds like a mixture between English and Japanese.^^ As far as I know Northern language had an important influence on the modern English.

    You don`t have to apologize for being late. I know the problem when you`re out of time. Luckily it was very quiet over the last days so I could get all my shit done. Damn, I almost forgot how relaxing it can be writing with no pressure on the back. I mean, the pressure is good to train your skills, the practise and the goal-oriented work. But without pressure or force you really can be creative.

    Yes, you`re right. We had a pretty warm summer which ranged into autumn. Not exzessive warm like two years ago, but also with temperatures around 35° to 37° Celsius. And that over long periods of time. Sweating all the time, no rainy days and very sunny also. Even in early Autumn we had our 27° Celius. I am sure you would have loved it. I for my self suffered a lot under the heat wave. Like I told you before It wasn`t easy because you know I cannot stand tempertures of 20°; . Seems there must circle some viking blood in me too. :D
    5° at night are almost perfect for me. Honestly still a little bit to warm for me. Even in Winter I keep my windows open at night and sleep half naked. If its to cold you for I may come and heat you up, including a bottle of met. Do you have met over there? Im sure you have. Recently I thought a lot to leave Germany behind and start a new life elsewhere. My stomach says I should go South to Italy, though every other person I ask tells me to go to Scandinavia. Norway, Sweden or Finnland. Relatives and friends compare me with some Suomi anyway and all the time.^^ Don`t know if its true.
    At least I hope in Scandinavia there would be much more snow. I missed Snowboarding too over the last years. I just discovered waveboarding as a nice alternate. Going to work away your Speck around your hips.^^ But it`s also quite a fun.

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    On Sep 09, mattyz said:

    Oh hey!! :D yeah it has been a while! I suppose that's my fault :( I'm sorry! :/ I've been doing okay! School just started again and I'm trying to get into writing for fun! I'm at work right now sending you this ^.^ haha how have you been?! Doing anything exciting?!

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    On Aug 05, FiendishFlesh said:

    Hi and servus - like we Bavarians say - I`m very sad and sorry for my late response. I had a quite stressfull time too. Short before the summer started right thru all labels, publishers and moviemakers wanted to sell their stuff just right on one time. Therefore, now nothing is going on! From hero to zero within just a few days. Damned summer-hole. Now it`s pretty boring and also earning money gets more difficult. One more reason why I avoid the summer.
    Over the last weeks we had here some kinda a killer weather: Periods with 34°Celsius in the shadows, aggressive sun all the time and broken by extremely harsh tempests; followed by almost 40°Celsius in some areas. I don`t understand why people searching for more sun. Seems Swedish and German citizens are pretty the same; traveling to the south of Europe and Thailand. And also I don`t know how they can do it. Our taxes have always been pretty high, about 40% to 50% for a single while married people with kids have pay a lot less. In former times it was able to have one professional job, nowadays you`re getting more and more into the situation that people need two or more jobs to make your living. The situation got so serious, that our first court canceld the electorial low, because the big parties cheated the smaller ones about the votes. So next year we have to face new elections. Else most of the goverment is done and sent to jail. The whole situation results in an escape to work in other countries like Denmark, Britain, the swiss and also Norway and Sweden, while people from Spain, Italy and Greece move to Germany. Quite funny, Germany became an immigration country.

    Well, I wouldn`t say Germany is interested in the Swedish Royales. The females are just interested in every kind of that gossip-stuff from all around Europe. Including the Danish Royales, the royales of Norway, UK, Netherlands and Belgium; else actors, musicians and stuff like that. So it`s more Gossip in general and all that stuff.

    If possible, I really would come to Sweden, especially if it`s more and more nightly as Germany. Oh how I miss some Ice and Snow right now, the feeling of standing alone in an empty field full of snow while it`s full moon and the stars came out. I am not good at skiing; but I prefer snowboarding. :D

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    On Jun 05, FiendishFlesh said:

    No problem. I know you were in exams. At least I think you mentioned something like that. 4°Celsius sounds like a perfekt summer in the arctic area.^^ I wish I could travel over there in the summer. Not an easy life if you have celtic skin type.
    Yes, many Germans like to travel a lot. In fact Germans are the world master in traveling for vacation, proofed by several statistics. But I think they go more into the south of Europe. Italy, Spain, South France, Croatia, London is famous aim but also the DomRep and Thailand. It feels like 99% searching for more sun and heat while laying on some beach.
    On the other side many many many Germans want to life in Scandinavia for the work; especially Norway and Sweden. Because in fact Scandinavian countries are having the best social and economic conditions in the world; by far better than in Germany or the rest of Europe. With Norway and Sweden on top. Sweden is the country which is reported most here in Germany. I cannot say why. My mother always dreams about living in Sweden. She feels connected to the country due her love for the culture, skin type and fish.^^
    I am similar but for some reason it is pulling me more to Finnland. I am thinking about doing an expressive journey through all Scandinavian states. I am search for cooler areas with lots of snow. To see Sweden or Norway must be so exiting.^^

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    On May 23, FiendishFlesh said:

    Strange, I always thought people from northern Europe prefer cold weather. At least I do.^^ I cannot stand warm and sunny weather. I have to sweat, cannot sleep, getting agressive and sun-burnt within a very few minutes. No easy life for me in summer. I guess my Italian origins lost against my northern origins.^^ I wish I could visit Skandinavia at least for one time.
    I wish you all luck for your studying and your exams. Education is very important nowadays. Don`t miss your chances.

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    On May 20, FiendishFlesh said:

    Woah, seems you got a lot of stress around. The weather here the last days was okay. The sun was hurting pretty much but at least it is not too warm, around aceptable 20° Celsius. How is the weather in Sweden?

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    On May 19, FiendishFlesh said:

    Hi. Thanks for adding. I am fine, writing some articles. How about you?

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    On May 13, *#JC@& said:

    Yeah I'm on there the most out of all the internet social networks

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