The Change

Wed, May 18, 2011 at 2:01 AM By: Shaddix_Gurl21

I have been waiting for the free change since I was little I have moved from my Parents. If it weren't for the Band and other roaches There would have not been this strong Young lady to tell one of those Inspiration stories and I hate to brag .... But this is no Brag . I love all of those who understand my real life situation and helped me handle those who have been in my shoes and done it already.And I am ready to work on everyting but frst things first I am Going NEW MEXICO for a vacation and more summer things but after i gotta find a new job. Soon after an institute to go for my schooling of A pharmascist technician.I am and will make my goals ONCE MORE. And hope yall would do the same for yourselves...

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