Thai Food and Starbucks!!

Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 9:55 PM By: Shaddix_Gurl21

As of 8-12-11 @12:00pm-7:00pm A friend of mine named Yeng Lo took me to his cousin's restaurant called Little Bangkok: Thai Cuisine.We had this soup to start out with (soup is free at lunch time). For the Appetizer the combo,which came with two each items: Fried tofu,Crab wanton,Spring rolls,Muan Goong,and Satay along with two different sauces. The Sauces were Plum Sauce and peanut Sauce.For the Entree plates we Shared were Masman Curry and Drunken Noodles they were all fantastic tasting.The red sweet topping with sugar covered sticky rice and warmed slice Mango was our Dessert the plate obviously was called Mango with Sticky rice :D....(Delicious ,Orgasm in mouth type food XD jk...LOL). Soon before you know it Yeng and I traveled to the Falt Iron mall to walk around and look at things we went to shops that we enjoy going to then as we left one we decided to leave the mall Fill up on gas as we kept having his sport car talks....(I took some pics for him of the cars we spotted on the road).So we then contiued our way to my hometown of the BIG(ya right) City of Brighton ,Colorado. We wanted the awesome tasty drinks from starbucks and he showed me his picture collection of cars that he took pics of and the most Awkward one he brings up to everyone that one person(he didnt know if it were a he or she) got a pink paint job on a Dodge Viper O__o...... i know creepy right? Like it made us giggle but we were also agreeing that such a great car would be ruined by the Color pink on it's awesome body and is like shouldn't the owner be Ashamed??? I mean Damn I would rather be in a beat up old rugged no good running car that hogs gas than that THAT DAMN embarrasing PINK VIPER!

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    On Aug 13, il1989 said:

    sounds like you had a awesome friday

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