Hate to Sound Drama Queenish or Bitchy PART two!!!

Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 9:54 PM By: Shaddix_Gurl21

Dont You just Love Sequels?!
God Knows if you do... Anywho I just returned to the computer again at my new computer/office chair AND I have GOOD news and THAT GOOD OLD WORD people get an eye catcher ( well maybe)CALLED BAD news. Okay so I am goning to say good stuff first well this abcess deal with the ER lancing and all that good stuff I ahve had the Packing of gauze in me for 36 hours AKA Three Days and well got that stinging sucker out of me....>.> not gonna blab about that anymore... But OKAY let's get down to the News I am fine no plug for the abcess hole and No more Vicodin taking :D YIPPIE!!!! but THAT Darn old Bad news is I have to take an antibiotic and still take the Sitz Bath for the hole of an non abcess with very little puss still draining. THEN GUESS WHAT?! NO more Bitchy Complaining ME XDDDDDDD!!

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    On Sep 07, Shaddix_Gurl21 said:

    Thanks again Diana and so far so good

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    On Sep 07, dianam said:

    I hope it all works out and hope that you feel better Ariella

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