You Probably are Wondering about this....

Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 12:40 AM By: Shaddix_Gurl21

Yes this is I posting this at 1:22am of 9-14-11 ....
I am wide awake and had my snacking,tweeting,facebook,music listening time.Thinking hard about what I am going to do Later today when I wake up again and want to wish my Facebook Sis Taylor Robbins(@NeverEnoughPR on twitter and DarkStar11 on here) well for the Columbus,Ohio Show.She is such a great kiddo that has related to me almost in the exact same ways.So I bet you think this is pointless blabber... well if such a problem I am sorry if I can't bring your attention to me Hoping the best to A wonderful friend I met this year and many many others throughout this year and the others.Those who have met me i give them a grateful thanks to be a friend of mine on here because I have lost what I onced had for three long years.But that was the past and I am not walking those paths again! You guys and the band made me move on with my life and think of myself better than somone in the past has. I made better choices as I listened to everyone around me.But Like once said in this Have a Great Evening TAYLOR AKA DarkStar11!!
From and Yours Truly,
Ariella aka Shaddix_gurl19

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