hate my life.

Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 11:23 AM By: JunkyDude

i'm so fed up. i'm so lonely no one loves me, not even my parents and my sister.............. i hate life.... i havent had a girl friend in long time..... every1 hates me............. i suck......

  1. tears dont fall avatar

    On Aug 26, tears dont fall said:

    i don't hate u

  2. ZombieGuy avatar

    On Aug 19, ZombieGuy said:

    yo dude cheer up....c`mon go out there and have some fun...meet some girlz...make new friends...drink some beer..have fun ^^

  3. TheAwesomeOne avatar

    On Aug 19, TheAwesomeOne said:

    There's No Point Hating Life....Sooner Or Later Something Good Is Gonna Happen To You!!!!!

  4. JunkyDude avatar

    On Aug 10, JunkyDude said:

    thanx every1 i'll try... and thanx 4 saying about my drawings

  5. jules1972 avatar

    On Aug 09, jules1972 said:

    p.s....if you were the one who drew your avatar, you have no reason to hate life....you have an amazing talent!! Keep it up x

  6. jules1972 avatar

    On Aug 09, jules1972 said:

    It's a real shame that you feel so down atm. Life does suck ass at times and evryone feels shitty but you have to find someone you can talk to and trust...if you think your family dont care then maybe you could talk to someone from school or your doctor. Your family dont hate you and you dont suck!!!! Girlfriends come and go but your family are forever. Perhaps you should consider changing the places you go and you might meet a girl who likes the same things you do. Keep trying to be yourself and dont let life get you down...it seriously does get better...I should know!!! take care and dont do anything silly x

  7. Mynyester avatar

    On Aug 09, Mynyester said:

    come on cheer up dont hate you life and no you dont suck dont say that. I dont think you suck just come on cheer up try not to get them kind of things in your head or something bad will happen like a had that problem about life and i wanted to kill myself but i didnt but i thought about this a least you have a life like me try to a least figure out to enjoy it while it lasts and even if you didnt have a girl friend for a while, just be patint you will get on sooner or later it takes time...sorry if you dont understand i said but this is the best way thats i give advice to people...but if this feels like this is not very good advice for you the sorry trying to help

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