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About AvengedRoach41

Hey people! I'm an spanish Papa Roach fan and I am 18 years old. I met Papa Roach a year ago haha. I was on a friend's house and he showed me Last Resort and ...to be Loved. At first I forgot both songs, but a few days later I remenber that they were an interesting songs and I looked for them on Youtube. When I listened them again, I saw that they were awesome songs and I went to Ares and I began to download tjheir complete discography hahaha. Later, I discovered that they have a lot of really amazing song and, when I listened at their CD "The Paramour Sessions" I thought that it was an special CD...It was pretty good! Since that they it is my favourite CD from PR haha.And that's my PR history xDD

My oder loved bands are:

-Sum 41.
-Avenged Sevenfold.
-Blink 182.
-Bullet for my Valentine.
-Green Day.

Well, now you know somethings about me haha. See you on PapaRoach.com. Enjoy^^

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