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Okay..... Finally, I'm updating my profile. Ermkay....
So, I initally HATED Papa Roach when I was in fourth grade, but it was mostly because my sister liked them, so I was biased. At around fifth grade, I started listening to rock bands like Three Days Grace and 30 Seconds to Mars,and then I stumbled across Papa Roach again. I heard Forever, and BAM, I was immediately drawn to them. I did some research about P. Roach, but I was still hesitant to approach the music. For about two years, I had just nine of Papa Roach's songs on my iPod-- the only songs my sister had on iTunes. So the story goes on... In sixth grade, I convinced my parents (after concocting a beautifully written persuasive essay) to let me attend a P.Roach concert upstate, nearly 300 miles from NYC. So, basically, I became a hardcore fan (or as hardcore as one can get when you're 12 and busy with school and homework and don't have much time to do some crazy research or stalking or whatever online). So, yeah... That's my P.R. story. My real (life) story, though just like 14 years long, is waaaaay different, and not exactly something I'm just gonna go posting willy nilly. However, I can list a few things about myself.
-My username is my name (not very creative there, huh.)
-I love superheroes (Marvel!) and cartoons and that sort of thing.
-I really dislike ignorance.
-I really like corny jokes.
-I'm an avid arts and crafter.
-I think I'm very friendable. :)
I love PR's music so much that I like to show that proudly when I go out, but I can't always wear my PR t shirt, so I made something else-- shoes.

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Much appreciated if my idea wasn't copied. Thanks

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