1. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Jan 29, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    i never went to prom, but my friends and i had a big party in a park and we all still got dressed up, we didnt really like alot of the people in our class cause they were really umm judgey if that makes sense, yeah it sucks that i didnt go to prom but our party was awesome we got to do what we wanted with good friends :)

  2. PapaRoachBabe1494 avatar

    On Jan 29, PapaRoachBabe1494 said:

    I wonder who this Mikayla person is??????? hm? XD

  3. Busta avatar

    On Jan 29, Busta said:

    I never went to prom and I regret it...not that I really had a choice...but I'm still sad that I could have never gone to prom. you should go so you don't regret it later on :\

  4. Ashleey DeWyze * avatar

    On Jan 29, Ashleey DeWyze * said:

    I would go just to wear a simple dress with leggings & converse. Otherwise, it just doesn't sound appealing to me at all ! But with friends you could block out the obnoxious people.

  5. Ooh.Shi.heart.Mae.lol avatar

    On Jan 29, Ooh.Shi.heart.Mae.lol said:

    Prom is wack. Never liked it. haha its not that i dont have anyone to go with. i just think its over rated. and way to old school. haha but yea if someones askes me and it does depend on who that person is. so haha no i do not like prom

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