Fucking Sick Of It....

Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 10:33 PM By: Andy Taylor

My Fuckin Dad Must Fuckin Hate Me. I'm Really Sick Of Him Not Letting Me Do What I Wanna Do. Or Be With Who I Wanna Be With. I Fuckinn Hate Him. He's Screwing My Life Up...Taking Me Away From Everything I Know And Love. Thinking About About Running Away.....If I Don't Kill Myself First.

  1. Synyster_Gates_Is_Mine! avatar

    On Feb 05, Synyster_Gates_Is_Mine! said:

    Hailey loves Aj?? Do kill yourself?? Thats a bit harshhh...

  2. Kendall_Kadabra avatar

    On Jan 31, Kendall_Kadabra said:

    dude.dont kill urself!one of my best friends killed himself and now me and have my friends r really depressed.my mother wuzz the same way.running away iz a last resort.throw anything and everything ur dad has ever done or said to u back in his face.kill HIM if u have to.just dont kill urself.

  3. Lindseyy avatar

    On Jan 20, Lindseyy said:

    Andy, Please DO NOT do that. i dont want to run away either. id be too worried about you. i really care about you and i know you dont mean what your saying. message me when you get this. i need to talk to you.

  4. Hailey Ashton(: avatar

    On Jan 18, Hailey Ashton(: said:

    do kill ur self

  5. D.W.H. A.K.A WOLF avatar

    On Jan 18, D.W.H. A.K.A WOLF said:

    dude i don't have a dad he is in fucking jail and i hate him for that

  6. Rainbow avatar

    On Jan 18, Rainbow said:

    don't think about killing youself..
    i know it's hard.Ty to do what you want to do and show your dad that it's better to let you do what you want to do .

  7. kylester15 avatar

    On Jan 18, kylester15 said:

    I know exactly what your talking about, my dad's the same
    I think the best cure is to just show him who you really are, & just fucking slam it all into his face, & if that doesn't work, you can always go with that run away idea

  8. Andy Jake avatar

    On Jan 17, Andy Jake said:

    Dude. you don't wanna kill yourself. i mean come on man your my best friend. and though i have alot of friends your the only one i really like. so think about it dude. just dont fucking comit suicide.

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