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HEY!!!! my names Katrina and i guess i'll start with saying a little bit about myself.... well i guess i'm pretty enthusiastic...... and talkative!, i love music and i love to write :) and i love my friends and family sooo much!!! the past couple of years have been pretty tough on me.... there has been a lot of pretty bad shit happening in my life but u know i guess i'll live there are people out there that have it worse then me so i figure i shouldn't make that big a deal about my life......... ok enough depressing shit.... MORE ABOUT ME!!! haha! =P Music plays a huge role in my life!!! i love to listen to it, play it, and write it (though im not sure its very good =P). I'm a total rock fan and i love going to concerts there sooo much fun!! i LOVE Papa Roach!!! And i think that they totally kick ass!! They are such great performers and Jacoby's voice is just so awesome!!

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