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About Clarice

Hey, My name is Claire and I'm currently working in a prison for 12 to 17 yr olds, but I love art and I am currently learning to Tattoo, I've done a few on friends & family which have turned out great and they love them, so there's hope for me lol!

I have been a Roach fan for a few years now, and they are my Fav band! I love their new album "Metamorphosis" and have seen them twice this year so far and they are by far the best live act I have ever seen, and I seen a few over the years! The guys kick ass on stage and Jacoby is insane, which is wot makes their Gigs so good!

I took my 11 yr old son to see Papa Roach in Birmingham earlier this yr, his first ever gig and he absolutely loved it! ( I got a little Rocker in the making!) He couldn't believe it when Jacaby climbed the balcony and stood right next to us and sang "Lifeline" (well neither could I!) He couldn't wait to tell all his mates at school that he touched Jacoby's arm lol!

I've just booked tickets to see them in October at Wolverhampton Civic Hall, and surprised my son by booking us VIP tickets, so he can meet his idol! we both can't wait!!!! XX

Feel free to add me!

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