My boss is psychotic.

Sat, Jul 17, 2010 at 10:39 PM By: *Steph

First off - I'm 16. It's July. I should be spending my days with friends, going to the pool, and normal summer stuff. What am I doing instead? Working split shifts six days a weeks. Seriously.
And on top of that I asked my boss (Linda) if I could start taking a couple days a week off because I wanted to start guitar lessons. She asked who the instructor was, and I told her I was going to use a DVD, but take a couple days off and schedule it as if there was an actual tutor. That way I'd stick to it. She wasn't very happy.
I asked off about a week at the end of the month as well so I could go visit my sister in Iowa. There was only one other person taking that day off so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal. That, and my family has to schedule these trips around my mom's work schedule because it can be difficult for her to get time off. A few days later, two other people asked a few days off that I had asked off. Linda got pissed and started telling me I need to figure out a way to reschedule my trip to Iowa. Which I can't do.
I went of vacation recently, too. We planned on taking two days to drive home but instead did it all in one. My family and I went on a walk on what was supposed to be the second day of driving and walked past where I work. One of my coworkers poked her head out the window and said hi, so I went in to chat for a bit and see when I worked next. Immediately Linda looks at me and says, "I thought you couldn't work today - you asked it off."
Also the severe lack of ever getting a break. Because I don't smoke, I seriously can work a 9+ hour shift and the only breaks I get is to eat. And if I don't eat fast enough she'll act like she's getting something from storage and glare at me.
I seriously worked over 40 hours last week. And I know I won't be getting time and a half. Why? Because she doesn't pay attention to the laws. She has me frying and grilling when it's actually illegal until I'm 18. That, and I'm legally not supposed to work past 9 during the summer. Last night I was scheduled for a closing shift - we close at 10.
I'm seriously considering quitting, which sucks because I really like a lot of the people I work with. It's just Linda is getting intolerable. =/

  1. luvnjacoby avatar

    On Aug 16, luvnjacoby said:

    look up your state labor board and report her..... she will soon disappear!

  2. UndeadRoach avatar

    On Jul 18, UndeadRoach said:

    you should try to look for a union job, maybe a grocery store they are good places to work at as a teen, but you should totally report your boss to the child labor laws

  3. dianam avatar

    On Jul 18, dianam said:

    It sucks that your boss doesnt understand about your vacationing around your familys schedule, that you need time off too. If you do quit they are going to lose a hard worker but I would not leave unless you have something backed up. Good luck at work.

  4. Falassion avatar

    On Jul 18, Falassion said:

    That really sucks :( The boss doesn't have to be like that.. you sound like you're a hard worker and deserve some time off. You sound like you could find a better job with a boss that appreciates your hard work.

    Good luck with working there or wherever you workplace changes to in the future :P

  5. dazzle_me_7 avatar

    On Jul 17, dazzle_me_7 said:

    That must be verry verry frusterating

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