I painted!

Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 12:49 PM By: *Steph

I really haven't done much artwork since my Papa Roach book, and so I figured it was time for me to do something. So, like almost always, I did a piece of the band I'm going to see next in concert. This time - Bullet for my Valentine.

And, of course I had to choose my most hated medium for it. Bleh. Watercolors. Of all the things I could make this picture from, I chose the one that I fight with most. Oh, well. 'Cause I still think it turned out better than expected.

So.... here it is:

The actual picture is about 9"x7", or 22.9cm x 17.8 cm.
I'm gonna guess this took me about 30 hours from start to finish, though I kinda worked on it off and on. Whenever I wasn't at work.

  1. Falassion avatar

    On Aug 06, Falassion said:

    That's really cool! Thanks for sharing that with us :]

  2. dianam avatar

    On Aug 06, dianam said:

    Thats really good art work you did. Its cool

  3. XxkaylaxX avatar

    On Aug 06, XxkaylaxX said:

    i hate water colors also but damn that's good. i love that band to so s'all good :D

  4. coby's lil' FUCKER avatar

    On Aug 06, coby's lil' FUCKER said:

    wow hunny thats really nice!!! i love using acyrlic (cant spell sorry) but that band is my second fave too!!! they are amzing.. keep up the good work

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