Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 3:02 PM By: *Steph

So a couple days ago I went to Uproar in Tulsa, OK.
We showed up at the main doors, and couldn't figure out why they didn't let us in - the second band for the second stage was supposed to be playing by then. Nobody told us anything, and we saw a notice on the video screen and had to google the address on our phones to get there.
The first band that played was Hail the Villain, and the singer is pretty funny.... and possibly clinically insane. But, they were really good and I plan on buying their CD.
After that, my dad went to meet Halestorm. If you bought their CD, then you got a wristband to go meet them. I stood behind the barricade to take a picture of my dad and Lzzy, but I noticed Arejay kept kinda staring at me. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why until the line was gone. Then the whole band walked up to the barricade and started talking to the people over there - but Arejay instead of wandering until someone talked to him walked straight up to me. He kinda smiled and told me my shirt was awesome... then I realized I was wearing my Papa Roach shirt. I also noticed he was wearing a gray PR jacket that I also had, and I mentioned him. So I got a high five and we just kinda started talking. It was pretty awesome. After awhile Josh came up to, but for the most part he talked to my dad.
After that I got in line to meet Stone Sour. And the line was HUGE. It was pretty obvious most of the people there only wanted to talk to Corey, and only knew him from Slipknot. So that sucked, because I didn't really get to talk much to any of them, and I'm a big Stone Sour fan and know all the members. But when I got up there, James was the first one and I handed him my CD, and he gave me sort of "where the hell did you come from - everyone else here is in their 30s". But he was nice and asked me how I was doing, and I just kinda went through the line.
Then I watched the last part of Airbourne - being usual awesome Airbourne. Not a whole lot to report there.
After that we moved on to the main building where Halestorm was getting ready to play, and I managed to get pretty close up. They were also being their usual awesome selves, but the crowd was pretty rough.
Then came on Stone Sour. And all hell broke loose. They had the roughest pits going on out of everyone. And that was my first time seeing them live, but they were really good. Corey got so worked up that James literally walked up to him on stage and could stick a guitar pick to his forehead. (Which I almost caught when it was thrown into the crowd).
Avenged Sevenfold came on next, and they pretended to hang a guy before playing Nightmare. After the song, the guy was taken off stage by two guys dressed as doctors on a gurney. They had a killer backdrop, too - I can't even do it justice in words. Look it up. The whole set was great, and I managed to get some good pictures.
The last band was Disturbed, another first for me. I was in second row for these guys, and Dan was playing right in front of me, looked straight at me, and then stuck his tongue out. It was weird. Ha ha. But I guess they had some major mosh pits going on as well, apparently some guy lost his tooth and had to be dragged out by security because he was bleeding so much. Wow.

Anyways, the whole night was amazing, I'd do it again in a heartbeat, and if you want to see some pictures, I'm going to upload some of my favorites on my DeviantArt - just go to my profile and click the link!

  1. themudsharkinterview avatar

    On Sep 11, themudsharkinterview said:

    Sounds like a brilliant day! Stone Sour would be cool to meet.

  2. dianam avatar

    On Sep 10, dianam said:

    That sounds pretty bad ass. I will check out your pics now.

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