life or die?

Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 7:40 AM By: SeXy BiTcH... :)

i wake up every morning wondering if im going to die and fall into hells hands. or just crawal on the ground crying and then cutting, then saying I HATE MY LIFE FUCK THE WORLD I JUST WANT TO DIE!!!! and then i think of killing myself. and never come back home


    On Feb 02, ME MADDA FUGGAN GUSTA said:

    life is a meaningless game


    On Jan 30, ME MADDA FUGGAN GUSTA said: killing yourself you lose the game

  3. *cUpC@Ke* avatar

    On Jun 02, *cUpC@Ke* said:

    my dad killed himself and i miss him so if you kill yourself people will miss you like me even tho we just met and i am pretty sure your kids and husband would miss you

  4. Twist3d Cind3r3lla avatar

    On May 06, Twist3d Cind3r3lla said:

    Same here dude, but you are way to pretty to die so say going;)

  5. DrZu_ROaacH avatar

    On May 04, DrZu_ROaacH said:

    Life is wonderful!!! And i think that suicide is not good idea at all.

  6. XxTwisTedInsaNityxX avatar

    On Apr 21, XxTwisTedInsaNityxX said:

    i think like dat everyday cuz every single day is hell then i realize i am in hell.

  7. sayia  rose willows avatar

    On Apr 13, sayia rose willows said:

    i think about that some days but i would say to live because life may seem like its worthless but its not i live a very hard life but please choose life i did and it started to get better and i have alot to live for now u do to

  8. A Bad Day Made Worse avatar

    On Mar 22, A Bad Day Made Worse said:

    Yeah I always think that. What would it be like to kill yourself and if there's such a thing as heaven or hell.

  9. RawkStar Tifa avatar

    On Mar 20, RawkStar Tifa said:

    oh...thats so ........KOOL!!! i used to think of that b4 but not now becuz my bf saved me lol ^_^

    Also y do u think that anyways?

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