lille and raven

Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 1:02 PM By: SeXy BiTcH... :)

lille is me and raven is my awsome sister. she is so cool i love her to death we do everthing together. but she died when i frist went into foster care becauce of some type of cancer... but she is still with me no matter what... i rember one time we snuck out of our foster home and they cought us 2 weeks later with ower boyfriends. it was so funny because then they tryed to split us up but that didnt work because then we kept sneeking out so that we could see eachother but now i cant see her... but me and my brother are getting though it together... and its so good to have him when i need him the most...

  1. xgreen_starsx avatar

    On Apr 27, xgreen_starsx said:

    awww that is sweet and sad at the same time

  2. SeXy BiTcH... :) avatar

    On Apr 08, SeXy BiTcH... :) said:

    who are you? do i know you? dont talk to me!!! k! k! k! FUCK YOU! YOU DUMB BITCH!

  3. Johnny Guitar Creeps avatar

    On Mar 17, Johnny Guitar Creeps said:

    i ´m sorry for that...but its cool how it semms ya deal with it....anyone is gone aslong he stays in our heard and soul !
    Rock on girl...
    stay tuned!!!

  4. your worst nightmare avatar

    On Feb 24, your worst nightmare said:

    srry about your sis youll get thru. i know i did now music is the only thing that seams to make sense any more.

  5. xXxGIRLYxXx avatar

    On Jan 21, xXxGIRLYxXx said:

    sorry bout your sis.

  6. Dakota Love avatar

    On Jan 21, Dakota Love said:

    awww srry about you sister

  7. Jeppas avatar

    On Jan 21, Jeppas said:

    sorry about ur sister seems like u guys had great times i wish i had one

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