1. xgreen_starsx avatar

    On Apr 27, xgreen_starsx said:

    awww that is sweet and sad at the same time

  2. SeXy BiTcH... :) avatar

    On Apr 08, SeXy BiTcH... :) said:

    who are you? do i know you? dont talk to me!!! k! k! k! FUCK YOU! YOU DUMB BITCH!

  3. Johnny Guitar Creeps avatar

    On Mar 17, Johnny Guitar Creeps said:

    i ´m sorry for that...but its cool how it semms ya deal with it....anyone is gone aslong he stays in our heard and soul !
    Rock on girl...
    stay tuned!!!

  4. your worst nightmare avatar

    On Feb 24, your worst nightmare said:

    srry about your sis youll get thru. i know i did now music is the only thing that seams to make sense any more.

  5. xXxGIRLYxXx avatar

    On Jan 21, xXxGIRLYxXx said:

    sorry bout your sis.

  6. Dakota Love avatar

    On Jan 21, Dakota Love said:

    awww srry about you sister

  7. Jeppas avatar

    On Jan 21, Jeppas said:

    sorry about ur sister seems like u guys had great times i wish i had one

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