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About SeXy BiTcH... :)

im lille... i am going to tell u right now i can be some what of a bitch so dont be pissed at me if i say something u dont like and it sounds bitchey... im 17 i have LOVED papa roach sence i was 11 years old.... my favorite song by papa roach is take me! just because it really is the truth about me and my boyfriend matt... if u dont like the way i am then GET THE FUCK OFF MY PAGE BITCH!!!! :)


fav. band or bands: papa roach and my chemical romance.

fav: food: roman nuddles.

fav store: hot topic.

fav movie or movies: the rundown, wrong turn, friday the 13th and nightmare on elm st.

hero or heros in life: gerard way, frank iero, mikey way, and all of papa roach.

do u somke cigarettes: yes.

what is ur fav thing out of all ur make-up: my eyeliner.

fav color or colors: black, red, blue and green.

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