rewind that hour...

Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 1:11 PM By: Maximiliano

aah.. i never liked to blog or anything like it.. it feels just wierd
but here in papa roach its just relaxing it feels like there is always someone that understands you even if that person doesent even whrite a comment..
for 2 days ago i kind of broke up with my girl friend that i've been together for over 1 year and it is a wierd storie becouse we got kind of together after 1 hour or something i couldent just let her go.. i love her to much
and i have to tell you i have never been so sad or angry or confused about something in my whole life.
I come from a family that have very little temprement or how you say it, my point is that i can become angry very fast and very much to. so that day we ended up in a fight and i just couldent take it any more.
Man i was frustrated with my self after that becouse i couldent understand what i had done or why i just wanted to run back to her and hug her and tell her that i was sorry..
that was what i did after 1 hour of lonelyness.
but the big problem now is that i said some stuppid things i shouldent have said to her and now she is all mad andra sad becouse she cant think of a nother thing then what happend...
man i feel like shit.. and i wish i couldent rewind everything..
i dont now what to do.. and i dont even now why i'm writing all this...
aaahhh i just wanna go back to when it was all good....

  1. starrysky13 avatar

    On Aug 11, starrysky13 said:

    oh you're welcome!
    i like to listen to people

  2. Maximiliano avatar

    On Aug 11, Maximiliano said:

    Thanks man.. its crazy i dont even now you and still im so glad that u just commented and said that

  3. starrysky13 avatar

    On Aug 11, starrysky13 said:

    It's ok to blog by the way.
    Ok your situation, she'll came along.
    Believe me.
    She may be pissed at you right now and feel like it will last forever and she won't forgive but really?
    you always forgive somebody especially on fights
    and can't keep and grudge like that
    now if you killed somebody that's a different story but you didn't
    if she loves you like you loved her she'll come around
    just don't let her go and let it slip through your fingers

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