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......I am most likely the oldest fucking rocker on this site. I have been a serious rocker for the last 45 years. I have listen to rock and other types of music as it has changed and grown through the years. I have always loved exploring that new band, that new direction or twist that a band or artist has to offer. I love the emotional stories that a song can bring us. It moves us, Helps us make it through the day and the years. Gets us through good relationships and bad ones! Gets us through good shit and bad shit! Your never to old to Rock n Roll l!!!!!! (And I was here before you!!!) Rock n Roll rules! Thanks all you fans!

This is why Im a Big Papa Roach fan! I love their Hard driving rock n roll, their changing music styles, and how they have grown as a band. I really love the emotional life's stories Jacoby and the group has to share with us. I think Papa Roach is the best fucking Rock band of this decade!!!

I Bought my first Papa Roach cd when Infest first came out. I liked Last Resort, their first killer hit! I also liked Dead Cell, and Broken Home most of all. The next PR cd I Purchased was Getting away with Murder. I loved the songs, Blood, Be free, Scars, Sometimes, and Blanket of Fear most of all and of course, Getting away with murder. I then became a big fan and purchased their cd I was missing, Lovehatetragity.

This cd was amazing! ( In retrospect I have listened to lovehatetragity and Getting away with murder well over 100 times on my I pod!) I loved the energy and spirit of M-80 ( explosive energy movement) what a kick ass song for expressing Jacoby's love of rock n' roll !?!?! I loved the whole cd! I guess some of my favorites are, Time and time again, She loves me not, Black clouds, and Lovehatetragity. I also really loved the art work. I made many enlarged copies and hung the pictures in my living room, at work, and in my car window! I was then a huge fan at this point and was anxiously waiting for Paramour sessions to hit the stores.

This cd has turned out to be one of my all time favorite's ever! It made me a fan forever! I love every song on this! Fucking WOW! Paramour Sessions is Rock n Roll perfection in every way! A special thanks to Jacoby, Jerry, Tobin and Dave for this masterpiece !! I have never been more upset about missing any concert as i was the Paramour sessions tour. I was going through some of life's hells at the time.
The weekend of that concert I bought their DVD, " Pappa Roach live and Murderous in Chicago" WoW ! I love the high energy of this concert! Jacoby really has the crowd fucking rocking! The band is so great live! All you Roaches should own this!!!!!

I would like to mention In regards to the Paramour sessions tour, fellow Roach "Ragefulred" has a great story of the concert on her site, check it out!! It was at First ave in Minneapolis. This is a historic club that I have seen hundreds of concerts since the 70's. I met our home town Hero, Prince there in the early 80's. This is before I knew who, or what Prince was! I seen Foo Fighters there recently and hundreds of other bands. Its a shit hole but perfect for Rock n Roll !!!!!!!! It's my favorite place for a concert ever! It's like being home to me!!!

It seemed like a long wait, for us fans for Metamorphosis to come out. Kudos Papa Roach! another great fucking Rock n Roll cd!!!! Thanks for keeping Rock alive and well!! I loved, Change or Die, I almost told you that I loved you, Lifeline, Carry me, State of emergency, most of all.

..More to follow, out of time!

I have Been a Rocker since the Beatles hit america in the early 60"s I have followed and loved rock during all its changes and growth. I listened to the Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix and other greats of the 60"s & 70"s. I am amazed some of the bands from that time are still rocking and some of my favorite. Rush, Yes, Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer, AC/ DC. More to follow...... Papa Roach Rules!!!

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