1. RevenantBlade13 avatar

    On May 01, RevenantBlade13 said:

    hi my name is Kat and i noticed we like a LOT of the same bands XD

  2. ™† jE†'zZz †™ avatar
  3. gilvan avatar

    On Jan 22, gilvan said:

    don't speak english......amazing bands!!!

  4. ™† jE†'zZz †™ avatar
  5. ™† jE†'zZz †™ avatar

    On Jan 20, ™† jE†'zZz †™ said:

    ...whoa ???? i love synyster gates !!

  6. gilvan avatar

    On Jan 15, gilvan said:

    amazing!!! you like avenged sevenfold (don't speak english)

  7. Why' not avatar

    On Dec 08, Why' not said:

    In fact, i like every group you're listening to, I think :D

  8. Why' not avatar

    On Dec 08, Why' not said:

    Sure they're good! A fuckin' mix beetwen old rock and punk, it ROCKS !!
    Jsut sometimes, the voice isn't as clear as I thought but it's quite good!
    THANX ^^

  9. Why' not avatar

    On Dec 08, Why' not said:

    I awsn't doing, but I think that if U say they're good, I've to do it, and I hope I'll enjoy as when U've said me to listen TDG..... ^^

  10. Why' not avatar

    On Dec 06, Why' not said:

    Yes U won :( But NOLE was really but good for our little Monfils -_-"
    I'm a little tired by school and sport and music, but I enjoy life, because in 20 days it's Christmas, and I know I'll have a Huuuuge present!!
    And U??

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