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  1. hey

    Fri, Feb 1, 2008 at 1:54 PM 1 Comments

    Abbigail is doing a lot better she was in the OR on Saterday but now she is back in the ICU and doing a lot better in a way im going to keep all of u guys on hear posted                            Thanks...

  2. Abbigail known as hot ronnie on here was in a car cras yestorday night her friend was driveing she died instantly and Abbigail has a broken leg a broken wrist and 5 broke ribs Kate the one that was driveing she hit some black ice her car fliped and they where underneth all 12 cars it was a 12 car pile up u can e-mail her a on here if u want so plz pray...

  3. " Evil never die's it only sleep's in HELL or is her on Earth"......." if you sit on a binch cuting yourself you will never be happy but if you have a family you will all way's be happy"......." Hevan and HELL are the same thang but Heaven isnt as hot as HELL and the people are beter than the EVIL spirets that are over all of us every day".....

  4. " Evil never die's it only sleep's in HELL or is here on Earth"

  5. jacoby shaddix

    Sat, Dec 1, 2007 at 10:47 AM 18 Comments

    look at what i fownd on the internet SON: Makaile Cielo Shaddix [born...March/24/2002 SON:Jagger Shaddix [born...September/13/2004 WIFE:Kelly Shaddix [ married Jacoby on....July/19/1996 Jacoby Dakota Shaddix [born....July.28/1976] burth place[Vacaville Ca ABBIGAIL


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