I'm only human.

Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 2:31 PM By: AlexBeatdown

I want to start a campagne.
And i want to call it "I'm only human"
I don't know what to do about it. I just want it.
It's like. I'm an emo and i'm bi.
My dad always says that i'm ugly and that i have to be normal.
People on my school yelling at me "emo" and such things.
I want to help people who has te same problem as me.
You can mail me whenever you want if you want, i'm always here online. :)
Like my parents didn't believe in me.
Like i always wanted a band when i was like 11 or somehting.
I never can play guitar caus my parents didn't wanted to give me one. That dream was my everything. But now, i'm too old to learn. Now, i help other bands that want to become famous. And i love to see band playing. I go to a lot of concerts.
I like to do it.
I love to make other peoples dreams come true.
Help other people.


Like Andy Six from the Black VEil Brides said:
"Don't let them hit you down. Just put out your middlefinger and say: "F*ck you motherf*cker"."

You're not alone! Make your dreams come true and don't make the same mistake like me! Just believe in it!

  1. AlexBeatdown avatar

    On Dec 30, AlexBeatdown said:

    Thnx :)
    But it's the truth :)

  2. ROACH666 avatar

    On Dec 30, ROACH666 said:

    Best blog post ever :D

  3. AlexBeatdown avatar

    On Dec 30, AlexBeatdown said:

    I don't know, there was nothing to do xD

  4. dxcrime avatar

    On Dec 30, dxcrime said:

    swimming is good! why was it boring?

  5. AlexBeatdown avatar

    On Dec 30, AlexBeatdown said:

    It was a party with the footballclub.
    First we had to swim and then a party. :)
    It was boring. xD

  6. dxcrime avatar

    On Dec 29, dxcrime said:

    :) btw!why didnt you online msn yesterday??

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