Real love.

Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 5:39 PM By: AlexBeatdown

I fucking found it! Hell Yeah!
Weird sense to start this blog. xD
But it's real what i feel now.
I'm almost 3 moths together with my boyfriend and i love him so much!
And i still feel the butterflies in my stomach.
But the idea: Me and him on a beach. The sun is going under. I'm in his arms. The evening wind lows slowly in our faces.
Omg, i want him now so freakign hard o.o
I never tought real love excist until i met him..
I just can't tell him how much i love him!
He's my everything!
Never let him go!

I will climb the hill.
Draw my sword and take down anyone who tries to stand in front of me
plaese know, i'll never run away without you in my arms.
Oneday lovers will dream about us undying kiss
Not of Romeo or Juliet.
Stories told of our love will never die.

-Alesana-As You Wish-

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