Sault Ste Marie concert

Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 8:27 AM By: RockinRoll

Leaving at noon for Sault Ste Marie. Can't wait to see Jacoby and the guys. Hope to see the tour bus and meet them since it is a small venue. I can't get enough of PAPA ROACH!

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    On Jul 13, tears dont fall said:

    good 4 u

  2. RockinRoll avatar

    On Jun 19, RockinRoll said:

    Can't believe I have Meet and Greet tickets and am finally going to meet Jacoby and the band on June 30th in Traverse City, MI.

  3. dont add deleting everything off this account it wont let me del avatar

    ive seen papa roach twice and i havent got to meet them yet,i did get to touch jacoby tho,i hope u have btr luck than me with meetin them

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    On Dec 27, majc423 said:

    how was the show? :-)

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