Moline, IL

Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 8:15 AM By: Sue614

What's going on? Does anyone know anything about the Moline, IL date for 10/14? The date was was taken down yesterday and I already ordered my tickets last week. Will be real pissed if this is cancelled.

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    On Sep 29, Sue614 said:

    Yeah, I got my tickets when they went on the pre-sale, had them in hand in like 4 days. Actually, I have 2 tickets now that I need to get rid of for the Moline show (long story, I'm still going though), so if anyone you know needs tickets I have them. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to the Chicago show :( We were going to go at the last minute and some unfortunate circumstances came up and we weren't able to go, bummer. I heard it was really good. I saw them in May in Fort Wayne, IN at a smalll venue, it was really cool. Had a great time and have many stories to tell about that one!

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    On Sep 28, bacardi1939 said:

    I have tickets but havent heard anything. I just went on ticketmaster and they are still on sale. Did you go to the show in Chicago Sue? It was killer. Its good to see a great band in a small venue!

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    On Sep 08, billyrock said:

    Hey Sue, I hope that maybe it was pulled by mistake while they were posting other dates, lets hope!! I was a little bummed that they hadn't posted the VIP's for that date. I wanted to catch that show also! So lets hope we see it back up! Maybe they are doing a venue change??

    The good thing is that a date was posted in Waterloo Iowa on Sat, Oct 16. I am for sure going to that show!! There is no VIP posting on that one yet. Maybe you guys could make this show??

    It looks like I'm not going to the Chicago show. It doesn't look like you guys will have the time to go, and its not going to work out for my Wild Toni Girl from Michigan. I will miss not seeing Jacey, I would love to see her again! but maybe cuz the Waterloo concert is on a Saturday she can make that one!!
    Talk to ya soon Sue!

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