1. Littel Dirty Girl avatar

    On May 14, Littel Dirty Girl said:

    Yes, I´m well.


  2. FiendishFlesh avatar

    On May 11, FiendishFlesh said:

    You see? Being able to answer now again. It was pretty stressful over the last two days. But it is weekend and I think I take my time until tomorrow.

  3. FiendishFlesh avatar

    On May 09, FiendishFlesh said:

    Yes, I am fine. Just tired again. I think I am working to much.

  4. FiendishFlesh avatar

    On May 08, FiendishFlesh said:

    Hello. How are you doing?

  5. JacobySfanforever avatar

    On Aug 06, JacobySfanforever said:

    Yeaaah, he's pretty cool. :D Though Jacoby is pretty much my favorite, hell, he's almost everyone's favorite. xD

  6. dianam avatar

    On Aug 05, dianam said:

    That commercial is old. I dont even know what it was about. I didnt get hurt on the treadmill when it happened I put my legs on those things beside it so I wouldnt fall. The belt went to the side.
    I dont think that I am going to the 3rd show only the 2 but thats still cool. That is cool how did you manage to get seats front and center? In Louisiana I had 2nd row in front of Jerry and noticed one seat in front was empty so i jumped over and stood at the rail. When is your show? Are you doing vip?

  7. dianam avatar

    On Aug 04, dianam said:

    Lol. I dont really pay attention to what i eat. I normally like seafood or chicken but I am not a chicken. i would rather be a donut. Have you seen that commercial its like you are what you eat where the people have a donut around them yeah thats me. A big pink donut with sprinkles is what they have on the commercial I just like glazed donuts. I dont like to run outside and yeah that would be embarrassing if you fell outside. Then you would fall and cant get up. jk I dont know. I had a treadmill and it broke while I was runnin on it so I went and got an eleptical I just dont like it. I think that I need a treadmill instead then I will run.
    I am going to the Arizona and Colorado shows but since I am not going to the Grand Prairie show I am thinking of Alabama one but not sure on that for sure yet. I need to work more I just dont know cause I need GA thats the only place to be at a Papa Roach show is front row. (with a head band in Iowa for sure) Lol What shows are you going to?

  8. JacobySfanforever avatar

    On Aug 04, JacobySfanforever said:

    I love your picture. :D And I agree about Jerry :3

  9. dianam avatar

    On Aug 03, dianam said:

    oh no I didnt that thats what you were implying. Nope I didnt take it that way. I am a fatty. I eat lots of sweets tho. And my stomach does hang not far but its out there. Lol jk jk. I can joke. Yeah, i have had the same issue with weight. I have always been skinny like a toothpick is what people called me but now I am not skinny. I am now called thick whatever the fuck that means. I would rather be just called fat. Thats more straight up. I like straight up. Thank you for saying all that nice stuff. I do think that I need to lose weight tho I just want it to fall off and not to do the work yet. When I get fatter then I will want to do the work or when my pants tear again. I lost 30lbs 3 years ago cause this dude I went to high school with had told my friend that I was pregnant so she called me and asked me what I was going to have the only thing i wasnt prego just fat so I decided to run and watch what I eat but now I just eat whatever. I even went on a cupcake diet once i would have a cupcake on the way home from work everyday then I wanted 2 then one day I ate 6 cupcakes and these are not small cupcakes so the day I ate 6 I got sick and now I dont eat cupcakes anymore. Maybe tomorrow. Cause they are so good. Lol I will take a picture of one the next time I go get it.

  10. dianam avatar

    On Aug 02, dianam said:

    Its funny you say that i am getting round. Lol my stomach anyway. I want to lose it I just dont want to do the work yet so I dont think I am ready to lose weight right now. I know I have to want to lose it first. I am getting fat.
    You should have still boned just gave everyone a show. That would be bad ass. Oh wait wont the cops give you some ticket or something. I dont know never done that.
    I was at work today headed home but talking and when I saw a tweet about vips been added I took off and yep they are there. I am going to 2 shows. I need vip for those. I get paid on friday so I will get vip for one that day and Donald is getting the other one today hopefully. Spring, Tx is 4 hours away. Those shows always or almost sell out. I am not going to that one. The one in Grand Prairie, TX is 4 hours away too and that one is the one on my moms bday I am not sure but that one is coming up fast so I need to make up my mind fast. I dont know what to do. I have the days off from work but no tickets and still thinking of wether to go or not.

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