Brand New!!

Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 9:58 PM By: LovelyLala1986

This is my first night on this site. It's pretty damn awesome. I'm bored as hell. My husband works nite so that leave me here , alone, in my bed....WUT 2 DO???? HA! daughter is dead asleep n there isnt a damn thing to do. I should prolly try 2 get some sleep , due to the simple fact that I have 2 get up in the morning n work! God i hate that word...but it pays the bills n then some. Well...if anyone reads this ....feel free 2 comment!!!!


  1. BayouCat avatar

    On Jul 26, BayouCat said:

    Hi, welcome to the site :) Hope you get some sleep!

  2. psycho chick avatar

    On Jul 26, psycho chick said:

    Well Im going to leave you a comment just because I cant fricken sleep. I think I might get three to four hours the most anymore. Hope you have a good day at work hahaha LOL!!

  3. SEE-ARE-UH avatar

    On Jul 25, SEE-ARE-UH said:

    i feel like leaving a comment... just because im bored too! well WELCOME TO PROACHRIOT!!! just to let you know the guys in the band will answer any questions you have for them... im just waiting on jacoby and tobin to answer my question but you'll have a much better chance of getting your question answered from dave

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