killing Cowell in the name of RATM

Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 6:48 AM By: Vetinari

bit delayed I know cos it was all over the news yesterday but this is my first chance to post a blog here about it.

for the first time in a few years the UK xmas number 1 aint a song stolen from a hard working artist so some popularity contest winner can "claim" to be great. while the lines from Killing in the name fit the campain nicely personally I'd have gone for Disturbed - Down With the Sickness (the sickness being Simon "another cover, greed bag" cowell himself) or Korn - Y'all wanna Single.

I really wouldnt be bothered much if X-factor winners won the Xmas No 1 as long as it was an original song and not somebody elses work. Xmas is hailed as the time to give and be generous not for some fat cat to call music fans "stupid" and "cynical" only to follow it up by getting his latest X-factor "success" to sing a stolen song

I feel that the top 2 spots should be RATM and Susan Boyle cos shes worked hard in her life unlike mr "I wanna be famous for fuck all effort" Mcelderry

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